World’s first commercial networking site ‘Bill Mail ID’ to launch

4:21 PM, Saturday, December 11th, 2010

BillMail IDMangalore : BillMail ID is one crucial link that makes all members of this global community credible, official members of this world with common ground to cherish, said PC Hashir of BillMail ID.
Speaking at the press meet held at Hotel Gold Finch, he said that Bill Mail ID envisages mapping the entire world, providing each and every individual with a unique Bill Mail ID. This unique Bill Mail ID of each individual will become the hub of all their bills.
BillMail IDThis percolates into their business card as a new entity and in fact invades every aspect of their lives as ultimately in the e – commerce and computer world, the people who are the end users are most important, he said.
‘Bill Mail ID’With the power of Bill Mail ID in their hand, people can send, receive, receive, store, sort, print, manage, search and pay their bills. Through this overseas citizens can get all their home country bills to their Bill Mail ID and then pay it with the click of the button in the comfort of their overseas havens, he stated.
He said that people can link their bills to the payment option of their choice and then store the entire set of bills, payment mode and receipts in the Bill Mail ID for future reference. Bill Mail ID will link to all banks and will be available at various locations like bank counters, ATM’s, kiosks at strategic locations, third party franchisees etc.
‘Bill Mail ID’User in this can opt for the computer generated Bill Mail ID also depending upon their choice. As soon as one get the Bill Mail ID , one need to inform the various bill agencies and service providers to start  sending your bills to your Bill Mail ID and then start accumulating your bills in your Bill Mail ID, he added.
The Bill Mail ID, the worlds first commercial networking site will officially launch on December 13 in the market, while it will fully established in three months, he said.
Unni Korath, Aravind GS, Praveen Prabhu, PC Rayeez, Nausheen and Abdul Salam were present at the press meet.

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