Writer Jayant Kaikini’s stories and lyrics published

6:18 PM, Monday, March 5th, 2012

Jayant-KaikiniBangalore: When everyone else was fascinated by English words and its usage in Kannada, it was Jayant Kaikini, a writer who devoted himself entirely to Kannada, though he spoke Konkani at home, said Hamsalekha, a poet and music director in films, on Sunday, when Ankit Publications released Kaikini’s stories ‘char Minar’(Four towers), and a set of Cinema Songs “Yellow Maleyagide” (Somewhere it has rained) through him.

Hamsalekha complimented J. Kaikini for using pure Kannada words in his film lyrics, when the trend was a mix.

A.R. Mitra spoke on the writer’s stories, about human imagination and curiosity seen everywhere. His style is alive in all stories.

Kaikini spoke on the occasion stressing that life is a story and that in every story,  life breathes.

A Cine poets session was conducted, in which 18 writers participated, like Kalyan and Belur Ramamurthy. Director Yogaraj Bhat sang a song from his forthcoming film “Drama” and exposed a suspense.

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