Wthdraw weekend lockdown : B. Ramanath Rai

7:32 PM, Tuesday, January 11th, 2022

Ramanatha Rai Mangaluru :  Karnataka Government should withdraw weekend lockdown that is causing hardship to people, said former Minister and senior Congress leader B. Ramanath Rai in Mangaluru on Tuesday.

He told reporters that the Omicron variant of COVID-19, which is prevalent in the district and other parts of Karnataka, has not caused any serious aliment among patients. Therefore, continuing with weekend lockdown is not advisable.

Mr. Rai said traders, labourers and several other persons have been affected by the lockdown. “As they are just recovering from the catastrophe, the government has once again imposed weekend lockdown across Karnataka,” he said. Law-abiding people are finding it difficult to organise marriages and other functions in their houses. Yakshagana troupes are finding it hard to stage shows during the week. It is also becoming difficult to organise the yearly Neemostava, temple festivals, Urus and Infant Jesus feast.

The former Minister said lockdown is not the right way to control COVID-19, and Health Minister K. Sudhakar himself has said so a couple of days ago. “I earnestly request the State Government not to continue with this weekend lockdown, and cause misery to the lives of people.”

When pointed to the statement of Fisheries Minister S. Angara on January 10 that Government will withdrawn weekend lockdown if its convinced that people will follow Covid-19 norms, Mr. Rai said, “Government should have common sense to understand people. How can any government be convinced of people’s compliance with norms?”

The government’s action should be based on the present situation, and not on the hypothetical situation that the rise in COVID-19 cases would have serious impact on senior citizens and those with co-morbidities.

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