Yede snana performed at Kukke Subrahmanya

11:46 AM, Monday, December 5th, 2016

Yede snana in kukkeSubrahmanya: About 108 devotees performed the yede snana on the premises of the Sri Subrahmanya Temple at Kukke on Saturday on the occasion of Chowthi and the annual fair.

After the mahapuja, food offerings made to the presiding deity Sri Subrahmanya were laid on about 432 plantain leaves spread at the outer precincts of the temple. Temple cows were allowed to consume the food initially, after which the devotees performed the yede snana.

Thereafter, they had bath in the Darpana Teertha outside the temple before having the darshan of the deity. The administration had arranged elaborate bandobast for the peaceful observance of the ritual, which is being done for the fourth time since 2014.

The made snana ritual was converted into yede snana after the issue reached the courts.

Temple managing committee president Nityanand Mundodi, executive officer Ningaiah, and others were present.

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