Yogish Bhat inaugurates drainage works near Attavar

12:35 PM, Thursday, December 27th, 2012

Yogish BhatMangalore: Deputy Speaker Yogish Bhat inaugurated the drainage works  near Muttappana Temple, Attavar on December 26. The 250 meter long drainage will be completed within a month and  MCC will be spending Rs 9 lakh for the laying of drainage pipes. There will be 12 manholes from Muttappana Temple to Railway Colony.

Yogish Bhat said the project would be a boon to local people as they faced difficulties in the absence of drainage, particularly during monsoons.

Corporator Ranganath  Kini said  the area faced problems due to overflowing drainage.
The Deputy Speaker later offered prayers at Swamy Ayyappa Bhajana Mandir and participated in the Mahapooj

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