Z Plus security to Sriramulu under consideration

3:05 PM, Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

sriramuluBangalore: For 6 months, CM Yeddyurappa had dodged the request of his Health minister B. Sriramulu to provide him (BS) with ‘Z Plus” security against naxal threats to finish him off, but recently some Andhra naxalites were caught by state police in Bellary district limits, which convinced CM to forward Sriramulu’s application to the Home ministry’s chief secretary for processing with instructions to the official to take necessary action.
Sriramulu had mentioned that he had to travel the whole state by road to check health matters and asked for strongest security in his letter of 16-11-2010.
His constituency touched Andhra’s Kurnool and Ananthpur districts border areas where naxal activities were on the rise. He could only travel by road and may be attacked by naxalites, he had feared. Presently, a high level committee of DGP, secret police and Home dept. officials and others need to review the situation. The CM has woken up to the situation. ‘Z Plus’ security invites 36 well trained police to be on duty in 7 levels.

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