25 organisations combine to send a memo to Governor against the new Cow protection Bill.

10:38 PM, Saturday, July 17th, 2010
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Mangalore : A conglomeration of a 2 dozen signatories and political outfits of DK dt, 25 in all, presented a protest memorandum, through Deputy Commissioner of DK dt, in Mangalore city today (July 17), to the Governor of Karnataka on Raj Bhavan Road, and requested both to reject the Cow Protection Bill 2010, that is passed by the Lower house in a hurry this week.
The signatories like Congress, CPI, Dalit Sanghursh Samithi, Catholic Sabha, Popular front, Jamaat-Ul-Saad and other Organisations in the letter presented to DCO here in the afternoon of Saturday condemned the state BJP govt for pushing the people of the State to their doom. The govt, has proved to be anti-farmer, anti-Dalits, anti-Minorities and anti-constitutional rights secured to people, and this again has been proved by passing Cattle Protection Bill which forbids eating beef by Dalits and many others in the state.
The signatories claimed that there was no scientific basis for Cow-Protection at the cost of eating beef by masses. Many Central Committees over the years and court judgments following disputes have come to the conclusion that preventing common people from eating beef was neither proper, nor possible. But BJP leaders seem to be adamant to do just what they like, nor what the people like tot be left alone to eat beef.
Farmers will stop dairying on their soil if Bill is passed into an Act. Farmers have already reduced cows (cattle) as prices of food materials given to them are exorbitant, the memo read.
BJP and the Sangh Parivar cannot impose what they think is best on a majority and those of a difficult culture than their own. Outfits of Sangh are attacking minorities while transporting sold cattle from one place to another. The punishment for killing cattle for food is even more than that given to traitors and several types of criminals, this is inadmissible it stated.
A majority of people living in Karnataka who are meat eaters, have already opposed this protection bill in legislature, as being harmful to them. But a BJP govt, that does not listen or act according to wishes of people at large, continues to cheat them, and the Bill has been passed in the upper House amidst uproar from opposition parties.
The letter requested the governor to reconsider the issue and throw out the Bill, before the 25 organizations enrolled into one movement for beef may be forced to take more stringent action against the proposed enactment the memorandum concluded.


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