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Leadership crisis haunts Congress: mid-term poll to State Assembly within year: Bommai

Haveri: Following leadership crisis in the State Congress, it would not be surprising if the mid-term poll was held to the state Assembly, opined former CM and MP Basavaraj Bommai. Talking to reporters after attending a program to say thanks to the voters in Masur village on Wednesday, he said the people of Karnataka have […]

Mangaluru City Corporation Launch 23 Electric Vehicles for waste collection

Mangaluru : The Mangaluru City Corporation launched electric vehicles for door-to-door waste collection in its jurisdiction. The event took place on Wednesday in the premises of the City Town Hall. Twenty-four eco-friendly, pollution-free vehicles, manufactured by Pragya Automobiles from Bengaluru, were handed over to sanitation workers. Inaugurating the waste collection vehicles, MP Brijesh Chowta stated […]

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Black panther rescued from a well at Shiruru Hemmanike

Kundapura : A black panther rescued which fell into a well near Shiruru Hemmanike in Mandarthi. The incident occurred late Friday night when the black panther fell into an open well located on the property of Krishna Naik, near the rubber plantation of local resident Shekhar Shetty. Shekhar Shetty immediately informed the forest department as […]

Imposing Taxes on the Poor and Comparing to Other States is a Betrayal to the People: Former CM and MP Basavaraj Bommai
Basavaraj Bommai

Bengaluru: Former Chief Minister and MP Basavaraj Bommai has accused the state Congress government of betraying the common people of the state by imposing taxes on the poor under the pretext of providing guarantees and comparing the state to other states. In a series of tweets on X, he stated that in the name of […]

BJP will not allow to loot Karnataka : Brijesh Chowta 

Mangaluru : Captain Brijesh Chowta, Dakshina Kannada MP-elect, said on Monday that the Congress has begun to loot Karnataka by increasing sales tax on petrol and diesel by 3.92% and 4.1%, respectively. But the BJP will not allow it to continue, he added. After participating in a protest, organised by the BJP against the hike […]

Petrol, diesel prices rise by Rs 3 as state government increases sales tax on fuel

Bengaluru : Fuel prices in Karnataka increased by Rs 3 after the state government hiked the sales tax on petrol and diesel on June 15,which came into immediate effect. As per the state government notification on Saturday, Karnataka Sales Tax (KST) has been increased from 25.92 percent to 29.84 percent on petrol and from 14.3 […]

Mangalore University holds 42nd Annual convocation at Mangala Gangotri
Mangalore University

Mangaluru: The 42nd Annual Convocation of Mangalore University was held on Saturday at the Mangala Hall at Mangalagangotri Konaje. Governor Thawarchand Gehlot, who also serves as the Chancellor of Mangalore University, conferred degrees upon the graduating students. The event honored notable individuals, with M.R.G. Group Founder Chairman K. Prakash Shetty and Non-Resident Indian businessman Dr. […]

The Ocean Pearl Hosts an Exquisite Chettinad Food Festival at Coral Multi Cuisine Fine Dine Restaurant

Mangaluru : Guests are invited to embark on an enchanting culinary voyage at the illustrious The Ocean Pearl Hotel, which proudly unveils the Chettinad Food Festival at its celebrated Coral Multi Cuisine Fine Dine Restaurant. From June 15th to June 24th, 2024, visitors can revel in the tantalizing and aromatic flavors of Chettinad, all within […]

Bail for Yediyurappa in Posco case is justifiable: Basavaraj Bommai

Haveri: Granting bail to former CM in Posco case by court is justifiable, said former CM and MP Basavaraj Bommai. He told reporters here on Friday that the veteran BJP leader was not involved in such things and it was a conspiracy. Already, he had appeared before the investigation agency and answered to all their […]

Prioritize improvement in Human Development Index: Chief Minister instructs in KKRDB meeting

Bangaluru : Chief Minister Siddaramaiah suggested that priority should be given to the implementation of complementary projects to improve the Human Development Index of Kalyan Karnataka. reviewed the progress of Kalyan Karnataka Regional Development Board at Home Office Krishna today. Emphasis should be laid on those areas in which we are lagging behind. Emphasis should […]

Kuwait fire tragedy : Mangaluru man survives in a narrow

Mangaluru : Praison Roby Peter (40) from Mangaluru had a lucky escape to survive even as a huge fire engulfed an apartment complex in Kuwait, killing over 49 people. Praison, who was working as an administrator in a private company for the last seven years, was asleep when the fire started. “He was on the […]

Mangalore University to confer Honorary doctorates to 3 achievers

Mangaluru Mangalore University to confer Honorary doctorates K. Prakash Shetty, Chairman, MRG Group, Thumbay Moideen, an entrepreneur and president of Thumbay Group, and Ronald Colaco, an NRI businessman based in Dubai for the social services to the society in various fields. The 42nd convocation ceremony of Mangalore University will be held on June 15 at […]

CPIM urges to ensure speedy completion of Railway underpass at Jeppu-Mahakalipadpu

Mangaluru : The Dakshina Kannada District Committee of Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) urged the Mangaluru City Corporation to ensure speedy completion of the ongoing twin Railway Under Bridge (RuB) work at Jeppu-Mahakalipadpu. Delay in the work is causing severe hardship to thousands of people. On June 12, Sunil Kumar Bajal, Pramila M. Devdiga, Yogish […]

Seven more persons arrested in Boliyar stabbing case

Mangaluru : The police have arrested seven more persons in connection with the stabbing of two BJP workers at Boliyar on Sunday night. Six persons had already been arrested. With this, the number of accused has gone up to 13, according to Mangaluru Police Commissioner Anupam Agrawal. The police gave the names of the seven […]

Renukaswamy Murder Case: Bommai demands impartial probe to punish the guilty
Basavaraj Bommai

Hubballi: The Renukaswamy murder is a serious case, and officials must conduct a thorough and impartial probe till the accused are punished, said former Chief Minister and MP Basavaraj Bommai. Speaking to the media here on Thursday, he said no one must behave in an inhumane manner. Whether in power or a celebrity, none have […]

Opposition leader R. Ashok visit Boliyar stabbing victims hospital
R Ashok

Mangaluru : Leader of Opposition in Legislative Assembly R. Ashok accused the Congress of running a ‘Taliban-type’ government in Karnataka. On June 12, he addressed mediapersons after visiting the two BJP workers who are under treatment in the K. S. Hegde Hospital in Mangaluru after being stabbed at Boliyar, on June 9 night. 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