A new look (widened) Car Street opened today

3:56 PM, Friday, February 4th, 2011
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Car Street opened todayMangalore: The widened, renovated, and a new look Car Street in front of Sri Venkataramana Temple in the heart of the port city was today dedicated to the people just two days ahead of annual ‘Teru Jatra’ (car festival) of six days starting from Feb. 6., by Mangalore South MLA and state Legislature deputy Speaker, Nandavara Yogish Bhat in the presence of city’s mayor Rajani Dugganna, deputy mayor Rajendra Kumar, Leader of Congress Opposition D.K. Ashok Kumar, local corporators Ranganath Kini and Mamatha Shenoy, among others who came walking on the renovated street to inaugurate it. They were led to a pandal near by for thanks giving to the local people who had whole-heartedly given up their portion of buildings to accommodate a wider road in the Central area.
A new look (widened) Car Street opened todayD.K minister in charge Krishna Palemar and Subodh Yadav were conspicuous by their absence. But several other people concerned like MCC commissioner and executives who were involved in the task of giving a new look to good old Car Street were all there to praise each other.
Car Street opened todayV.Ponnuraj who was instrumental in widening the road from 2 way to 4 way street in width, was not among those who sat on dais as he was in Shimoga.
Yogish Bhat was presiding over the well attended function near Sharada Press, congratulated all who helped to make a long time dream come true in half a century. He said Mangalore was a city of Navagraha Temples and DK had temples for each planet, as Guru in Kadri temple. He had attended a meeting only yesterday in Bangalore with CM to discuss a master plan for Mangalore.
Car Street opened todayHe had sought more funds from CM to improve even the small roads and lanes passing through and interconnecting a larger Mangalore Corporation, which is fast becoming a tourist destination for those visiting the 9 Planet temples in the region, as in Shakthinagar, Kudupu, Kudroli and Mangaladevi temple areas. He said he would do all he could to make Mangalore a better place to live in.
Mayor Rajani Dugganna, who is laying down her office in a fortnight to make way for a new mayor, was happy to count Car Street renovations as an achievement in her period of Mayoralty.
Commissioner Dr.Vijay Prakash made it a point to thank Ponnuraj and executive engineers, also contractors for giving a total new look to Car Street which will be an example of Civic co-operation in national and regional meetings all over India.
Opposition leader Ashok praised all those who took part in the momentous development just before the annual Car Festival when lakhs walk on this road and attend religious ceremonies from Feb.6 onwards. Deputy Mayor Rajendra Kumar recalled his younger days when a huge Ratha (Car) moving on the street drawn by hundreds used to hit near by electric poles and lines, but not now anymore. The road can allow 4 vehicles to cross at the same time and no pole will be hit by a moving decorated car in which God Venkataramana moved about on Rathotsava Day in 2011. City corporators cutting across party lines were in large numbers as also executives, engineers, PWD contractors and MCC staff members who secured a round of applause when a mention was made of them.


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