An explosion in Maruthi Omni at Banglegudda, Near Buntwal

2:56 PM, Saturday, July 3rd, 2010

Mangalore : A Maruthi Omni was totally gutted and a house was damaged when the gas cylinder in the vehicle exploded on Friday at 7.00 pm in Banglegudda in City on July 2. Four persons were injured.
The vehicle owner Ibrahim (60), son Aziz (24), pedestrians Rizwan (24) and Ibrahim Musliyar (22) were shifted to a private nursing home in port city the same night.
The first two persons were moving in the car from Panemangalore to Nandavar, but the vehicle stopped at Banglegudda suddenly. Ibrahim got down and opened the boot of the car driven by his son who also got down. The gas cylinder exploded in the face of Ibrahim the owner of Car, but Aziz was saved.

Window panes and tiles of a house nearby, belonging to A. Razak were shattered when metal pieces and fire sparks from the vehicle hit the house. It was raining at the same time and car was completely damaged. Fire was extinguished by rains before the fire brigade arrived. Buntwal CIP N. Gowda, SI Mohd. Rafiq, and Tahsildar rushed to the accident spot. Town police are investigating the case.

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