Ayodhya Judgment count-down has begun.

7:18 PM, Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Ayodhy JudgementNew Delhi: Sept.24 is the day on which the burning problem of Ayodhya would be taken up by Lucknow bench of UP High Court, to settle the controversy on Ram Janam Bhoomi and a Babri Mosque fall in the disputed area in Dec.1992. The HC bench of 3 will decide all matters and answer all questions.
Importance will be given to communal harmony in Ayodhya for an amicable settlement of the issue as to whom the disputed land belongs. The issue is alive since 60 years, but neglected so far. The HC has dismissed all public petitions in this connection this month.
Semi military forces are deployed in Ayodhya to maintain public peace, when the verdict is pronounced by the 3-man bench over a thousand armed police guard the 3 judges, while reading out the judgment.

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