Balasaheb Thackeray crosses swords with Dr.Chandrashekhar.Kambara

4:09 PM, Friday, November 25th, 2011

Bala-ThakreMumbai: Shiv Sena veteran leader and Cartoonist/editor of ‘Samna’ has confronted Dr. Chandrashekhar Kambara the latest Jnana Peeth award winner of Rs 7 lakhs, for a statement he made against Maratha ambition in Belgaum, Dr.Kambar’s home district, on Thursday.
Bal Thackeray, writing in Samna on Friday has condemned Kambara for making an anti-Marathi statement and demanded in his editorial that the JP award should be taken back from Kambara.
Dr. Kambara had stated in a felicitation meeting at his home town early this week,  that if Marathas wanted to learn Marathi, let them go back to Maharashtra. Those Marathi speaking people living I border areas of Karnataka have taken birth here only to commit mischief and public disturbance, Kambara had told in Public.
This remark angered Thackeray to spew venom to reply that Dr.Kambara’s back should be broken.
Thackeray reminded Dr. Kambara that a language was no one’s enemy. There were lakhs of Kannada entrepreneurs and workers in Maharashtra, he pointed out.
However, the state Government has presently, issued a notice to Belgaum city Corporation Mayor, as to why BCC should not be superceded in 2 weeks, for its misdemeanours, of anti-Kannada activities, on Rajyotsava Day.

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