Bhagavadgita, now in diary form

8:56 PM, Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Dairy photoBangalore : Bhagavadgita, described as the Song Celestial by Sir Edwin Arnold has universal application. The principles enunciated in this great work have been interpreted in various ways at diverse contexts. The teachings of the Krishna, the statesman are of late, being applied in management principles as well.
The modern day busy life makes it impossible for people to study this great work at length. All are in great hurry in this deadline-driven competitive world. With a view to combine the Bhagavadgita with our daily life, Poornaprajna Sadhana Foundation has brought out a diary, each page containing a teaching of the Gita. The idea is to introduce the principles of Gita to common man in the hustle and bustle of modern day stress-filled life.
The novel idea was conceived by C M Nagendra Rao, a spiritual seeker, ten years ago through his Foundation. After Rao’s demise, his son,  Ajith M Rao has continued to fulfill the aspirations of his father. He has even expanded the reach by bringing out the Gita-diary in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu in addition to Kannada.
Each page of the diary contains two slokas of the Gita followed by their meaning given by Bannanje Ramacharya. The Gita teaches you to sustain your spirit in the face of adversity and conquering the obstacles that the life may throw up, with equanimity. The fact that these teachings are in a diary, which is used on a daily basis, exposes one to the great teachings inadvertently. Thus, the diary serves as a spiritual guide too.
L.G. Jyothishwara, the creative mind behind the innovation says that he intends to bring the diary in all the languages of the world. For details call:
9845317141, 080-41633649.

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