BJP Morcha against Congress degeneration of Legislature Hall into a market place.

9:44 PM, Saturday, July 17th, 2010
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Mangalore   : Forgetting the fact that the ruling BJP itself allowed bad manners to go Scot free inside the Vidhana Soudha this week in the Lower House “well”, of eating meat dishes / non – vegetarian food and sleeping overnight in the well itself, thus holding democracy to ransom for 4 days by the Congress and JD-S legislators behaving like street Urchins in a public temple of God’s work for the first time ever in the history of Karnataka politics in Bengaluru, the local BJP Yuva Morcha took out a protest rally in Mangalore streets on Saturday in rainy weather conditions, culminating near the Town Hall at Gandhi Park, against the Congress / JD-S mischief inside legislature’s lower house. There has been no such BJP protest in the capital city itself so far.

The BJP Yuva Morcha accused the MLAs of Congress and JD-S in State of desecration of the legal temple built by K. Hanumanthiah in 1950-60 decade. The rally was a success.

Speaking to the demonstrators and the common people assembled at large in the Gandhi Park, Yuva Morcha leader Kishore Kumar exposed the criminality of Congress / JD-S MLAs and charged them of non tolerance towards the developmental works planned and executed by BJP government. He said that this is the first time that opposition MLAs had behaved so immorally and against law that they deserved suspension en bloc. They did not allow any legislative work tot be done, but also desecrated the holiness of legislative buildings. The Congressmen had even misused the funds collected for Oct-2009 flood affected people of North Karnataka, while CM Yeddyurappa was planning to put up thousands of houses for them.

About Rs.2.50 crores of rupees were collected by the Congress leaders for payments to the flood sufferers but only Rs 75 lakhs were deposited in Canara Bank, the balance being shamefully misappropriated for KPCC accounts. The mining of iron ore started under Congress ruffians who illegally made huge money piles, and they were pointing a finger at Bellary Ministers now. The pot was boiling but calling the Kettle black, Kishore Kumar said.

City BJP chief Srikar Prabhu in his speech asserted that Congress itself is laying down the rules of its own destruction by its illegal manners. The people in the state had full faith in BJP, but Congress did not like 2 years of BJP rule. To remove BJP, Congress MLAs have stayed inside the legislature without any legal basis, which shows the helpless loneliness of the opposition parties in State. But people will teach all of them bitter lessons in politics, Prabhu added. He condemned the insulting behaviour and dishonour shown to legislative hall by opposition MLAs

BJP Yuva Morcha secretary Rajesh Shetty, Treasurer Devadas Shetty, Sateesh Kumpala, S.Ramesh, Shakila Kava (Mahila Morcha), Suman Sharan, Raghavendra (DK Committee), Guruprasad, Rajgopal Rai among others were present at the protest rally.

Members of Yuva Morcha wearing facial masks of Deve Gowda and Siddaramiah were seen demonstrating comically and drawing laughter from the onlookers. A mock display of driving them out of legislature hall was play-acted on the occasion at the end.


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