CM and Governor kiss and make up

11:25 AM, Thursday, January 27th, 2011
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CM and GovernerBangalore: The 62nd Republic Day brought the two sworn enemies in Bangalore together to shake hands in a company of on looking ministers and MLA’s at last.
While Yeddyurappa was not considered to be the only person eligible to stay on as Chief Minister, he had to relent, kiss and make up with the state constitutional head, senior to him in years and experience in politics.
There were 6 colleagues waiting in wings to replace him as CM, should he step down in disgust or distrust over his future, before moving to national politics in Delhi. The waiting list for possible CMs was growing beyond MLAs to MPs, in case the existing MLAs should be found wanting in capacity to rule. In Maharashtra, they brought in a CM from PMO! It cannot be worse here.
All the six or seven candidates getting ready to take over as CM from Yeddyurappa, with blessings of Advani and High Command Members in Delhi are also ready to ditch the current CM, should that occasion arise in the next two years.Under such precarious conditions, CM Yeddyurappa simply knows which side of his bread is buttered, and he can’t leave out Dr.HansRaj Bhardwaj on a Republic Day. So they met and shook hands, when V.S.Acharya, R.Ashok, Eshwarappa and others in the probable CM’s list, looked on at Raj Bhawan tea party given by the Governor MLAs, MLCs, Judges and High officials on the lawns on a bright sunny afternoon on Wednesday. People only wanted that bon-homie to prevail among all politicians and their Sirdar Dr.Hans raj.
Both CM and the Governor, after their open handshake proceeded to initiate the second part of Census operations due this year.


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