CPI (M) Protest against Delhi Durbar.

8:42 PM, Wednesday, August 4th, 2010
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Mangalore : A protest rally was conducted by CPI (M) workers in front of DCO gates this evening, to condemn misuse of Dalit Welfare funds amounting to Rs. 750 crores for sports stadium construction by the DPCC (Delhi) leaders in the govt.

A huge amount meant for Dalits by the govt, has been frittered away by Delhi Congress bosses to build a corrupt sports stadium with no good purpose. The Dalits have not seen economic well-being in 60 years of self rule by Congress in Delhi. Ever so many other fields like health and employment are crying out for funds for OBC welfare. SC/ST/OBC funds reserved for backward masses have been siphoned off into non-plan activities, said Krishnappa Konchadi in his address to the protestors.

60% of the Indian population is hungry when it goes to sleep. What was the necessity of spending funds meant for their upkeep and progress, for other aimless purposes? Was Common wealth Games necessary on hungry stomachs? Why put Dalits to the swords by Delhi govt? asked Munir Katipalla in his angry address.

CPI (M) general secretary (DK dt), Yadava Shetty and activists in large numbers participated in the demonstration in front of DC office on Aug.4 evening.


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