Date of Birth essential to grant pension to a PF member: PFC

6:24 PM, Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

T.R.S. KumarMangalore: The regional Provident Fund Commissioner, T.R.S.Kumar, for Mangalore has stressed upon date of birth certificates to be in order and accurate, in a PF Court he conducted at Bhavishya Nidhi Bhavan on Monday. 5 cases were taken up at the Adalat (court).
All related to anomalies (variations) in the most important component, which is the date of birth certificates, attached by members in their pension applications.
Kumar declared that such applications would be rejected, as had any “mis-match” in date of birth and this had to be verified through school(at SSLC stage).
Those who registered after 1995 had no confusions in their date of birth. Earlier, no strict rules were made or applied.
Now it was compulsory to check birth certificates, before sanctioning pension to members under a scheme, Kumar announced.
A ‘SSLC’ certificate normally could be issued by local govt., to prove the PF member’s age, he clarified.

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