Gandhi, Gandhi everywhere in statue form

9:34 PM, Friday, July 23rd, 2010

Udupi : There is a craze for Gandhi (a Baniya) and Gandhigiri (doing good to others) alive in India, amidst terrorism, naxalite attacks, and widespread violence at he slightest provocation.  So where  does Gandhi worship lead us to?
A six foot high statue
in a sitting posture (obviously in Meditation) of Mahatma (MK) Gandhi is ready for unveiling ceremony at the Malpe beach, 4 to 6 kms, away from Udupi town. The statue is peculiar in that the right hand is supported by the floor and his legs are folded behind in a sitting posture, as seen in an AICC session in history. Purushottam Adwe has sculpted the statue with two others. It is made of 150 kgs of fibre and steel used for support. The fibre casting was done after the plaster moulds. The statue could withstand marine weather at Malpe, the artist stated. The statue is coated with metallic paint.
Udupi DC, HemalathaPonnuraj , showed keen interest in the various stages of making the statue, by finding time to guide and see.
The total cost of making and installing the statue could reach Rs 5 lakhs. The Tourism department had already released the amount. Malpe Beach Development committee headed by Udupi DC, has released Rs 70 lakhs to build a beach road and interlock facility.
An existing statue of Gandhi with 3 monkeys (do not talk, listen and see evil) will be shifted to another suitable place, DC implied. May evil go out, and Gandhi come in India, it is hoped by citizens.

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