Fire in Well in Phase 3 project land occupied by Patrao as encroacher, but acquired by MRPL from him

10:30 AM, Monday, March 26th, 2012

Gregory Patrao landMangalore:  In an official release on Sunday, after a fire was noticed on an acquired land for Phase 3 Project on Sunday morning, MRPL blamed someone (a stranger) who set fire to Hydrocarbon accumulated on top of a well located at the land illegally occupied by Gregory Patrao, who took the compensation for vacating his land, but did not go away.

Gregory was a ‘trespasser’ now, occupying MRPL land, despite Court orders and CM’s direction to Gregory to evacuate the place, as per a study conducted by MV Jayanthi, Mysore divisional Commissioner on Visiting the site.

The Patrao family continues its illegal stay and hampers the upcoming 3 project’s progress, the release pointed out, and fire is their baby.

Patrao had even prevented security and fire personnel from entering the land that he sold to MRLPL, to put out the fire in the well. The Suratkal PSI, Ramesh Hannapur, was Cautious about action taken against the encroacher Patrao, about his illegal stay and the mischief he was creating for MRPL when MRPL wanted Patrao out of its land.

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