General Health Maintenance

7:16 PM, Saturday, September 25th, 2010

FitnessMangalore: It is in our own hands to maintain personal health, without succumbing to wealth and taste buds. Regular exercises and walks upto a mile a day help to maintain physical fitness even in retirement. Waistline should not be allowed to bulge to an extent one cannot walk freely or bend one’s back to pick up a book on the floor. Weight leads to inconvenience in carrying the body easily.
Weight loss is achieved by light food and dieting in a controlled way, besides learning a few helpful Yogasanas (body postures) that suit one’s constitution, light exercise, medicines that remove diseases to bring spring action in one’s lives. Watch your daily routine and make supplementary changes to improve health by shedding fat and increasing regular activities with a time frame for everything.
The thumb rule is to remain happy at all times stress should be kicked out and easy ways of social conduct should be adopted to live a passing day. Our mind gets weary and that makes feel heavy or tired or short tempered at every step. Mind is the cause of all diseases. Keep it guarded and you will be safe.
Fruits, vegetables and whole gains, less sugar and more fibrous foods help to keep good health.

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