Incredible India and Omkar Das.

4:25 PM, Tuesday, August 17th, 2010
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Mumbai : Any where in India: What can you do with a farmer who remain poor over the years despite govt plans to help him? In Peepli Village which represents rural India in freedom, he loses his lands (or plot) to the government for non-payment of a loan given by it!
The same govt helps farmers who die without re-paying his loan. The Farmer Natha (or Omkar Das) has to commit suicide for the survival of his family. His brother (Raghuvir Yadav) pushes him towards the martyr’s ‘honour’ but Natha (played by Omkar Das) is not willing!.
Natha’s mother (Farookh) screens at his wife (played by Shalini Vatsa) while his young son wants to use the money coming up, and an event everyone would have ignored becomes an aim to achieve, with each one seeking action for money. Everyone from a politician down to henchmen with an over zealous reporter or two from the press descend upon Peepli GP. TV journalists focus their camera on Nahta but no one has any sympathy for him. With Natha as a candidate and people assessing his luck to be a celebrity, the poor farmer still feels alone in a crowd.
It is a sarcastic mirror to an incredible India.


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