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BJP, VHP and Bhajaranga Dal stages protest against the government for celebrating Tippu Jayanthi

9:19 AM, Wednesday, November 9th, 2016
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Udupi ProtestUdupi: Objecting the state government’s decision to celebrate Tippu Jayanthi, BJP, VHP and Bhajaranaga Dal activists staged protest on Tuesday in front of clock tower.

Addressing the protestors Karkala MLA Sunil Kumar said that violence had reached its peak level during last year’s celebration of Tippu Jayanthi in several areas. Though there are wide spread protests are going on against Tippu Jayanthi, the government has decided to celebrate it.

“This is a vote bank politics by the Congress led government in Karnataka. They are trying to please the votes of a particular community. Tippu was responsible for the conversion of large number of Hindus to Islam. The government is projecting him as a freedom fighter where actually he was not,” he said.

He further said that Siddaramaiah is the present Tippu Sultan of Karnataka, because in spite of repeated protests he is not ready to withdraw the Tippu Jayanthi.

“Many cases of murders, rapes and other crimes reported after Siddaramaiah led government came to power. Nearly 7 RSS and BJP party workers have been killed in last year. Most of the cases have many similarities between them. The government is also responsible for the death of these party workers,” he added.

State BJP Women’s President Bharathi Mugdum, District BJP President Mattaru Rathnakar Hegde, VHP district President Vilas Nayak and others were present.

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