M.R.Ballal elected for Mangaluru Bar Association president by lots

4:59 PM, Thursday, August 10th, 2017
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MR-BallalMangaluru : After eight month of Bar Association elections, M.R.Ballal wins the presidential post by the lots. The election was held for the President and other office bearers of the Mangaluru Bar Association on 17.12.2016. All office bearers of the association who won in the elections were declared elected, but for post of president which ended up in tie-up with both getting equal number of votes. Re-election for the president post was conducted by the presiding officer and S.P.Chengappa was declared elected, but in the re-election many of the members did not participate opposing it, since the bye laws of the association, state, that in case of tie, the post of president should be decided by toss or by lots.

Aggrieved, some of the members approached the High Court of Karnataka and filed a petition, by which ordered, election of president to be held by lots. On Thursday the 3rd August 2017 M.R.Ballal who contested against, S.P.Chengappa was elected on Thursday the 3rd August 2017 by lots.

M.R.Ballal is a very senior advocate who has been practicing for the 39 years and will hold office till 2018.


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