Illustrated books to introduce kids to Kanakadasa’s life & works

1:24 PM, Monday, November 6th, 2017
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kanakadasa book Bengaluru: To introduce the works of Kanakadasa to children, National Saint Poet Kanakadasa Study and Research Centre, Bengaluru, will bring out a series of illustrated books, based on the saint poet’s popular works. The series will also have a book on Kanakadasa’s life and achievements.

Ka Ta Chikkanna, writer and coordinating officer of the Centre, said under the Kanakadasa Literary Series, the research centre will bring out six books ‘Nalacharite’, ‘Ramadhanya Charite,’ ‘Mohana Tarangini,’ ‘Haribhaktisara,’ ‘Kanakadasara Keertanegalu’ (songs by Kanankadasa) and ‘Kanakadasara Jeevana Charite,’ the life and achievements of Kanakadasa. The first four works are the concise and illustrated editions of Kanakadasa’s famous poetic works. The stories are narrated in the form of conversations, to make it appealing to children.

kanakadasa book The books will be unveiled at a programme to be held at Nayana Auditorium, Kannada Bhavana, JC Road, Bengaluru, on November 9. To make the event more special, the Centre has picked 150 high school students, who will speak on the life and works of Kanakadasa. Also, children will take part in an interactive session, on related subjects. The children will themselves release the illustrated books.
“Kanakadasa is not a mere poet. He is a saint poet who took his devotion to the next level. His compositions reflect social values and noble thoughts,” Chikkanna said.

The series is edited by Kannada Development Authority chairman Prof S G Siddaramaiah and Chikkanna. The main attraction of the books are the colour illustrations by artist B G Gujjarappa. Each book has 60 to 70 pages.

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