Mayor rules out water rationing this summer

9:40 AM, Tuesday, January 16th, 2018
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meyor-kavithaMangaluru: Mayor Kavita Sanil on Monday said that Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC) will not resort to water rationing this summer as water has been impounded up to 6 metres at the Thumbe Vented Dam across the Netravathi, the main source of water to Mangaluru.

Ms. Sanil told reporters after a site visit at Thumbe near here that water level at the dam was one metre higher than that maintained last year.

“Unlike last year, we will not opt for water rationing as there is sufficient water to cater to the needs of people everyday,” she said and advised people not to waste water. With the present water level, the corporation can provide water daily till June, she said.

There was a steady inflow of water into the dam, said corporation Commissioner Mohammed Nazir. “We are expecting the inflow to stop by next month.

We will maintain this (6-metre) level all through this period (till June),” he said. Apart from 10.83 million cubic metre (mcm) of water at the Thumbe Dam, around 14 mcm water at the AMR Dam, which is upstream the Thumbe dam, will be available for use, he said.

Ms. Sanil said that she has acted as per the promise she made while taking over charge as Mayor and has ensured storage of water at the 6-metre level at Thumbe. She thanked, more so, the 37 residents of Sajipamunnoru, Bantwal Mooda and another village whose land was submerged after dam’s height was increased.

“Except for the portion of land that is submerged, I have not so far heard of any problem,” she said. These residents are being paid  39 lakh per month as rent. “If there are any problems, they are free to bring it to our notice. We will address them,” she added.

Senior councillor Shashidhar Shetty and Abdul Rauf accompanied Ms. Sanil.

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