I feel ashamed to be a woman of India: Congerss corporator on Kathua incident

6:25 PM, Monday, April 16th, 2018
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c-commiteeMangaluru: In a bid to condemn the Kathua rape and murder incident, the women’s wing leader of the Karnataka Congress Prathibha Kulai stirred a controversy by saying that she feels ashamed to call herself a woman of India.

At a press conference in Dakshina Kannada District Congress Committee office in Mangaluru on Monday, Kulai said, “I feel ashamed to call myself a woman of India. I feel ashamed to be a woman of this district. The so-called BJP Hindus may pelt stones at me after hearing my response. I am not a BJP Hindu.

I believe there are only two castes in the world – male and female,” Kulai said while condemning the Kathua rape and murder incident.

Mentioning the name of Kathua rape victim, Prathibha said, “We cannot sit quiet even after such heinous crime rocked the world. I am ready to face legal action if somebody files case against me for mentioning victim’s name.”

Kulai said the government and shortcomings in law are reasons for recurrence of rape incidents in India.

“Even I faced several bitter experiences when I campaigned for Congress in the previous Lok Sabha election. BJP workers urinated on my car after the election. I have been fighting cases against BJP workers, who abused me after Lok Sabha election,” she said adding that such situation should not prevail in this election.

Women also should be given freedom to campaign for their respective party candidates, she said.

She has reason to be ashamed. Instead of doing something constructive, she is feeling ashamed. A corporator has to do more than feeling ashamed.She did not feel ashamed when some thugs beat up some girls in Mangalore.

“Let voters decide this time wisely. You vote for any candidate who can protect women in the constituency,” she added.

Further, lashing at Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath , Prathibha said, “They are not able to understand the pain of women since they are not living in family environment.”

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