Mescom: 8.33 crore rupees loss in 75 days

12:21 PM, Thursday, June 14th, 2018
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mescom-lossMangaluru: This times monsoon season has had the most adverse effect on Mangaluru Electricity Supply Company (MESCOM). In the last two-and-a-half-months, more than 6400 electric poles have ended up on the ground due to the combination of heavy wind and rain, thereby incurring a loss of more than 8 crore rupees.

Dakshina Kannada, Udupi, Shimoga and Chikmagalur districts come within Mescom limits and this time, the loss incurred has crossed its expectation. The department staff is struggling to bring back the electricity supply to its original condition.

According to the information from Mescom, only in a span of two-and-a-half-months, more than 6400 electric poles and 500 transformers have suffered damage in the four districts, inflicting a loss of more than 8.33 crore rupees to the company.

The highest loss was incurred in D.K. district amounting 2.98 crore rupees. Due to the rain and winds from April 1st to June 11th, 2.14, 1.70 and 1.51 crore rupees loss was incurred at Udupi, Shimoga and Chikmagalur districts respectively.

Altogether 6,446 electric poles have sustained damage in the 4 districts out of which 5,590 poles have been replaced. 2109 poles in D.K. district sustained damages and were replaced, making it the highest number of the four districts. 1,896 poles in Udupi district were damaged of which 1,195 poles have been replaced; 770 poles remain to be replaced. All the 1,135 damaged poles in Shimoga district have been replaced with new ones. In Chikmagalur, 1,126 poles have been damaged of which 977 poles have been replaced and 149 poles remain to be replaced.

Altogether, 474 kms of high tension cables have been damaged in the four districts of which 397.77 kms have either been repaired or replaced. Shimoga district sustained the highest damage of over 162 kms and in D.K. district 154 kms of high tension cables were damaged and have been rectified. Of the 40 kms of cables damaged in Udupi district 34.97kms of the cables have been repaired. 74 kms of the high tension cables have been repaired of the 113kms of dmaged high tencsion cables in Chikmagalur.

536 transformers of Mescom have been damaged in the four districts of which 524 transformers have either be repaired or replaced. D.K. district suffered the highest with 260 transformers sustaining damage and have been reinstalled.

Of the 240 transformers damaged in Udupi district, 235 have been rectified. 24 of the 27 damaged transformers in Shimoga and 6 of the 9 damaged transformers in Chikmagalur have been reinstalled.

The highest number of complaints regarding electricity problems from customers in the Karavali and rainforest area arises during the monsoon season. But, since two months the position of the Managing Director in Mescom, who takes the main decision, has remained vacant. The previous MD Ramkrishna was transferred in April and since then the position has not been filled.

Presently, the Managing Director of Power Company of Karnataka Limited (PCKL) T.H.M. Kumar is acting as the interim MD of Mescom. For this, he is visiting Mangaluru three times a week from Bengaluru. If Mescom has a full time Managing Director, it will be feasible to take quick decisions, is the opinion of the public.

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