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Youth team from Mangaluru city adopts humanitarian efforts

4:20 PM, Monday, September 24th, 2018
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mangaluruMangaluru: In present times, where all seem to want to gain wealth and influence by any means, enjoy disproportionate luxury, there is a team of youth in the city which has become a model to truth. This team provides food to those impoverished hungry souls existing by the roadside, who cannot afford a meal a day.

The name of the team is G2C (G2 Creations). All the members of team are employed in the field of marketing. The members are involved in event management, movie promotion and other works. Whenever there was food leftover during the functions of the institution, they used to distribute it to the needy. But recently on the birthday of a member, they came up with a new aim. They decided to collect any leftover food at any function organized in the city, and to personally distribute it to the needy, thereby bringing a human touch and comfort to the suffering and hungry.

After they created public awareness of the team’s work. organizers of the functions themselves give a call to the team and inform them about the leftover food available, say the members of the team.

“It is painful to see the many people who in search of employment in the city spend their days on the roadside without food. Therefore we have started this effort.

G2C’s plan to provide food for the hungry is that students also are involved in it. There are more than 40 members in the team. Also a few students from the colleges in the city, post their college hours, join in with the members of the team and assist in the distribution of the food.

The team which started their service and Mother Teresa’s quote, ”If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one” as their motto, was inspired by the humanitarian work by Joseph Crasta’s Snehalaya at Manjeshwar. Though we cannot provide service to the extent Mr Crasta does by giving shelter and food to the elderly, destitute and mentally ill people, we have come forward to give as much service as possible by us, say the members of the team.

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