Health Officer suspended for sexual harassment to 9 female colleagues

5:07 PM, Friday, November 26th, 2021
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Dr Ratnakara Mangaluru  : District Health Department Programme Officer of Health and Family Welfare Dr Rathnaker has been suspended form service for misbehaving with 9 female colleagues.

The Heath department authorities informed that Dr Ratnakar was suspended on November 8 and a departmental enquiry has already been initiated, said Deputy commissioner K.V.Rajendra.

The officer’s suspension comes after it was found that the allegations were true. A sexual harassment complaint had been filed against him a few months ago and the Department’s Internal Committee and District Level Complaints Committee had looked into the same and  investigations  had proved that the allegations were true.  The report had been submitted to the government and following government order he has been suspended.
Dr Ratnakara
A video of the alleged misconduct of Dr Ratnaker with female colleagues is also making rounds on social media. Dr Ratnaker is also the District Ayushman Nodal Officer.

It is said that Dr Ratnakar routinely is found becoming too close and cosy with the women employees of his office located in Wenlock Hospital here.

The staff, who did not cooperate with him, faced torture at his hands, it is alleged. It is also learnt that Dr Ratnakar often goes on trips with his women colleagues.

Dr Ratnakara

Dr Ratnakara

Dr Ratnakara

Dr Ratnakara


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