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Australion stupidity in warning Tourists from 4 countries exposed by SM Krishna

10:59 PM, Wednesday, October 26th, 2011
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SM KrishnaPerth(Australia):Indian foreign minister SM Krishna has condemned a call given by hateful Australian government, in Canberra, to its citizens and others to avoid India on their tours, saying India was a “hideout for terrorists” and was not a safe place for Australian travelers. But Australia is not alone, there are 3 other countries who joined the circular sent out from Australian whites’ colony blindly.

Krishna told in a public statement that the language used by Australian governing body was not correct, and that the warning should be recalled immediately, he told the silly writers.

Australia’s fallen PM and current foreign minister Kevin Rudd in his response to Krishna, has stated that it was a “ Common advice” and there was no special information about any danger to travelers or tourists in India so the circular would be reviewed without delay.

In Jammu-Kashmir state, the Tourist hotels/residencies were totally full. The country has all the safeguards elsewhere. Where was the need to issue such a stupid warning to tourists by Australia, New Zealand, England and USA, when English cricketers were in India on tour? The UPA Government of India expressed dismay over the issue.

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