Bellary rural voting rises to 72% and well-fought as by poll

12:35 PM, Thursday, December 1st, 2011
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Ballary-VoteBellary: The Bellary rural by poll which has secured state attention in view of a triangular contest in which the Independent (ex-BJP) candidate has broken all rules to make merry as a mining landlord, has registered a 13% high polling to reach 72% which is a new record. It was a peaceful voting in the guarded presence of 2,500 police personnel but tested BJP leaders influence as no other by-poll did before of 195 booths, as many as 133 were ‘very sensitive’. But nothing untoward ever happened which is a tribute to B.Sriramulu, backed by 2 MPs and 4 MLAs. Both Sriramulu and Ramprasad (congress could not vote as they were on city lists. Hectic campaigning and midnight money distribution from door to door stood out as features. Results are due on Dec 4 (2011). Keep watching

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