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New Speed limits announced for Traffic vehicles in Bengaluru city

10:16 AM, Saturday, December 10th, 2011
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Bangalore cityBangalore: The Bangalore Megacity Traffic Police have fixed new speed limits for various vehicles moving on city roads in BBMP area, to avoid a accidents.

No one can increase the speed of a vehicle just because the road is clear, clean smooth and tempting to change the gear and raise the speed during day or night.

No vehicle, Volvo down to bicycle, can go beyond 60 Kmph in the BBMP limits hereafter.

No brand of cars can jump the speed limits. Only from Hebbal to BIA (Devanahalli), a car or van can move at 80 kmph speed to catch a plane!

Buses, Vans, Trucks and Metador vehicles have only 50 Kmph as top speed. Motobykes and Scooters cannot rush beyond this limit. There are police interceptor Vans waiting for the unruly drivers, beware!

Mopeds, Auto-rickshaws, 3-wheelers and Tempos can run only on a speed of 40 Kmph or less. But heavy vehicles like Tractors, trailors, and rollers have to move on a speed of 20 Kmph, like turtles.

Let your eye be on the speedometer, when you drive in the modern Bangalore city with 80 lakhs population, say traffic (police) warners. Or else, have a fat purse in place, to pay heavy fines hereafter, they joke and advise.

Do not get caught in the net of hungry traffic fines collectors, vehicle-owners are told now.

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