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Capturing the best moments of birds

10:45 AM, Tuesday, June 19th, 2012
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ShivashankarMangalore:  Shivashanker who hails from Karkala, pursues a hobby that is simply wonderful. His hobby and his passion is to capture birds in his lenses. Shivashanker is greatly inspired by renowned ornithologist Dr Salim Ali and has mastered the art of bird photography and has some rare photo graphs of birds in his collection.


ShivashankarThough a software engineer by profession, photography is Shivashanker’s passion and he has so far captured some great photographs of birds. It was in his child hood days when he enjoyed capturing bird’s photographs in his camera that he developed a great urge to further pursue the passion and hobby and take it to greater heights.

ShivashankarShivashanker is presently residing in Kerala and explains that capturing bird images was not that easy as he has to wait for the right moment. His photographic stint spans over 15 years while his passion for birds grew in the past seven years. He has trapped some rare birds in his lenses and  he has images of as many as 300 species of birds in the district.

Shivashanker has also participated in various photo exhibitions and his works have also been featured in several magazines like ‘Glimpses from India’s Natural World,” and “Birds of Kolkata.” He has also published a book – ‘Birds of Southern Coastal Karnataka’

His vision ? To further pursue his hobby and to develop an Android Application on  Birds. Good luck Shivashanker.


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