JD(S) not in kingmaker’s race: HD Kumaraswamy

12:59 PM, Wednesday, May 8th, 2013
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HD Kumaraswamy Bangalore: The picture is more or less clear in Karnataka. As per latest trends, the Congress has crossed the half-way mark in the state Assembly polls and will form the next government – whether on its own or with an ally.

The likely victory of the Congress is on expected lines considering the corruption tainted rule of the BJP and exit polls findings.

However, it is the JD(S) of former PM HD Devegowda which has surprised everyone by pushing the BJP to number three position in the state as per the latest trends available at 11:20 am.

While the Congress at present is leading in 116 seats, the BJP is ahead in 36 and JD(S) in 42.

JD(S) could have become a kingmaker in forming the government if the Congress failed to secure the halfway 113-seat mark in the final tally.

However, party leader HD Kumaraswamy has discounted any such possibility, stating the JD(S) was “not in kingmaker’s race”.

“King and kingmakers are all media creations, it is the people who will decide,” Kumaraswamy told reporters.

The former chief minister said his party was ready to sit in the Opposition.

“We will sit in the Opposition and fight it,” he said.

Kumaraswamy claimed that the media influenced voters to go in favour of the Congress.

“If people bless us to sit in the Opposition then we will do that… to safeguard the interests of the people,” he added.


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