KHC takes Airport Authority and Civil Aviation dept to task over Bajpe airport.

11:38 AM, Friday, September 24th, 2010

Mangalore New AirportMangalore: By Sept.24 Karnataka High Court wants an answer from Airport Authority of India and DG of Civil Aviation, who has the licence to run the Bajpe Airport.
The KHC blamed the two parties for governing without any sense of responsibility as Bajpe airport license has not been renewed after the May 22 air crash. “Irresponsible people are governing this country”, the KHC pronounced. It may be noted that the licence of Bajpe Airport was not renewed since June 15th, 2010 when it expired.
Rather than putting the lives of thousands at risk again, it is better to close down the Mangalore International Airport, the court said.
It may be noted that several bereaved families of May 22 Boeing crash did not get final compensation as yet.
The High Court was upset about running the Bajpe airport without a valid (renewed) licence. It demanded to know the position of an application by AAI to DGCA about renewal of licence to run Mangalore Airport. The Court asked who has renewed the licence and when, besides telling the Airport administrators that HC might order the closure of the Mangalore International Airport which has no licence to run its show.

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