Local CPI (M) in agitation against Cow protection bill in city.

5:44 PM, Monday, July 12th, 2010
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Mangalore : On Monday July 12th morning, members of DK CPI(M) democrated at the  gates of DCO against the proposed Cow Protection Bill being moved in the legislature this Budget session in Bangalore.

Local unit chief Madhava addressing the protestors told that Beef was a useful food which strengthens bones and body. The ruling BJP has secured assent in upper House for the banning of the nutritious daily food used by Dalits and workers. Seven years rigorous imprisonment awaited in the state for those who sell cows to abattoirs, or kill them for meat, or eat beef in hotels or at home. They may even have to pay a fine of 1 lakh of rupees, as provided in the proposed bill. This is nothing but a cruel attack made on common people who procure beef for daily food. If cattle stocks have to be protected in the true sense of the term, people have put up a fight against the law-makers. This bill is aimed at destroying communal harmony in the name of least and non-violence, the speaker said.

K.R. Shriyan also spoke to say that there were thousands of people in the coastal and other regions of Karnataka who ate meat such as mutton, pork, beef,  and chicken, besides fish. What food is required, people have the right to it. It is wrong to think that only Muslims and Christians eat beef, Hindus also take beef as food. It is available in the market at a cheaper price than, say, mutton and people prefer beef abundantly available. it (beef) is more nutritious than pork or mutton. All parties except BJP are agitating against the cattle protection bill in the Assembly. Indian food habits are diverse and to protest this diversity, all have to join together to prevent the passing of this cattle bill, said CPI(M) general secretary KR Shriyan.
Balakrishana shetty,Vasanth Achary, Sunil Kumar Bajal and many workers of CPI(M) were present and took part in the spirited protest meeting.


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