Lokayukta Shivraj Patil resigns in shame over his land deals

12:16 PM, Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

shivraj-patilBangalore: In a shameful, escapist method of getting out of a ridiculous situation for a new Lokayukta (barely 2 months in service) Justice Shivaraj Patil resigned from his post, to evade legal prosecution and discomfortable queries, having been involved in 2 land grab deals in a co-operative housing society a few years ago.
He submitted his resignation to the state Governor Hansraj Bhardwaj on Monday late evening, with a 4 page letter, accusing critics of malicious propaganda against him and his wife, for securing 2 large plots in the housing society meant for poor people in Judiciary department.
He argued that neither he nor his wife had gone against law in the land deals. He pointed to many other Judges against in similar deals. He read out an explanation in emotion and despair, at a press meet and went out in heavy rains without answering press questions from his office to catch an official car homewards. His resignation has set up a new precedent for past Judges.

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