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looteraLove blossoms leisurely between the lead couple in the flick so marvellously that you never need to skip any frame by scrolling fast. The bygone era of the 50’s  lends an exceptional charm to one who would like to fall in love with the loved ones.

‘Lootera’ is surprisingly that one love saga which portrays the flavour of that period so efficiently that nobody has anything to complain but to adore the glorifying feel that results out of the hushed moments.

looteraVIkramadatya Motwani comprehends the fiction and delivers it through its lead cast Sonakshi Sinha (Pakhi) and Ranveer Singh (Varun).
Varun is an archaeologist who ventures into a village called Manikpur in West Bengal to discover a civilization near a temple after taking permission of the local landlord . Pakhi is the landlord’s sophisticated and elegantly beautiful daughter who is a writer and has a love for painting. The two are hit by Cupid’s arrow and Pakhi’s father even agrees to marry them. But  things turn upside down and they part.

looteraThey encounter once again after a year but now the sentiments have vanished from Pakhi’s end and hatred has taken place in her heart for Varun for betraying her and her father. The unpredictable adventure comes to the fore which is masterfully contemplated by the ‘Udaan’ director.
The director skins the art of the olde-worlde so  skilfully in his classic adaptation of O Henry’s ‘The Last Leaf’ that you are compelled to reinvent the picture frame by frame as you witness the drama.

Motwani has paid keen attention to the basic surroundings of the 50’s to make us familiar to that era as much as possible. Be it the cars or the old-manor or the attires worn by the actors.

looteraMotwani has paid keen attention to the basic surroundings of the 50’s to make us familiar to that era as much as possible. Be it the Billet proof cars or the old-manor or the attires worn by the actors or the radio transistors.

With the border so authentic the next module which is the trademark in Motwani’s tale is the heroic affection which is innocently usual and claims a special accentuation. The shyness among Ranveer and Sonakshi melts frame by frame. The intensity, which has no place for wildness but just needs to be sensed, is affectionate.

looteraThe chunks build are wider to focus on the romance between the two. There is one scene where Sonakshi is counting her days with every falling leaf from a tree but Ranveer, fulfilling his last wish of becoming a painter, draws an artificial leaf and ties it with the branch. Truly delightful.

Much of the credit has to be given to cinematograpther Mahendra J Shetty who makes the lensman capture and frame the brilliant settings masterfully. Like the first half, the post interval too is beautiful with snow-white winter breezing  through your mind.

The locales captured are picture-perfect and seem like painted.

looteraThough we are aware of the heart wrenching closing moments but till then there’s a lot of eye candy sights which  feature in this acceptable unhurried old-age romance saga which would never been accomplished without Sonakshi Sinha and Ranveer Singh, who come up a one of the most delightful couples.

looteraSonakshi Sinha in Lootera is not in her usual acts as in her earlier flicks namely Rowdy Rathore and Son of Sardar. The actress has transformed herself so ably that you might just be astounded by this new avatar.
She plays her part with perfect elegance in the first half while she gives a fine take as a broken hearted filled with bitterness in the second.

Ranveer Singh has done a commendable job. Though he just misses few expressions but  all round he goes off well. He carries the intensity with  immense responsibility.

looteraBarun Chanda is great as Sonakshi’s father.

Amit Trivedi’s music alongwith the locales take you back to the long-gone era where lesser instruments speak more. The songs are beautiful with lyrics technically thought over and written. Songs like Sanwaar loon and Ankahee are my picks from the album. The background score is finely crafted and accompanies the theme of the play.

I’ll go with three and the half stars for ‘Lootera’. It’s a period flick whose  moments I wish I could freeze.  Vikramaditya Motwani gives you a chance to revisit the romance which is gold at heart and hard to skip. Like a leaf out of a tree, you would take numerous flashes back to your home from it.lootera

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