MESCOM dictators get shock treatment in Taluk Panchayat monthly meet.

8:17 PM, Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

Mangalore: One must admit that South Kanara people are very intelligent, literate, witty and ever abusive when dissatisfied. The recent Taluk Panchayat meeting sent shock waves through the MESCOM power distributors, not against their disproportionate electric bills, or assets they hold privately but when MESCOM officials were taken to task by Congress members. Prithiviraj complained that KPTCL engineers have brought in High Tension wires in certain areas of the city where several houses and gardens were ruined by their presence. The departmental activists are negligent in detecting and rectifying their new connections for power distribution. Such works, unfriendly to local citizens should be halted, he told the chairman of TP.

The MESCOM official in answer, palmed off that the wires passed through rice fields and nobody got injured. But members stormed on him, with open dissatisfaction. The engineer was taunted by the Congress member that the danger would have been averted if the land belonged to the official. He discredited the support given by the official to an area not his. The official fell silent.
The TP monthly meeting on Aug 10. also went through a master plan prepared by MUDA. BJP members Goculdas pointed out that the so-called master plan has not been debated in public, only reported in some local papers. People have no inkling on this mega plan when they are in it, covered by it and have to face it. The officer replying to BJP member of TP was short-sighted about publishing the plan in a daily. All departmental officers do only that. But who informs the people about things going wrong? The MUDA officials will do well to offer full details to citizens concerned, Goculdas insisted.
One hopes that TP chairman was not sleeping in his chair when the shock treatments were provided to executives.

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