‘Mumbai Street Kitchen’ now in Mangaluru

12:07 PM, Wednesday, July 5th, 2017

Street -Kichen Mangaluru : Mumbai’s Mischief Hospitality Pvt Ltd will launch three new vegetarian food outlets ‘Mumbai Street Kitchen’, ‘Bombay Baadshah’ and ‘Bhandary’s Punjabi Ghasitaram Bambaiwala’ on K S Rao Road and Sharavu Temple Road in the city.

Promoter Suresh Bhandary told reporters in Mangaluru on Tuesday that ‘Mumbai Street Kitchen’ and ‘Bombay Baadshah’ will be launched at 10 am on July 5. Chairperson Kusuma B Bhandary will inaugurate the outlets.

‘Bhandary’s Punjabi Ghasitaram Bambaiwala’ will be inaugurated a few days later. The outlets have been designed to bring Mumbai closer home and to give customers an authentic feel and taste of the city’s famed fare. The place is youth-friendly. Expert chefs from Mumbai have been hired to prepare the food.

Street -Kichen ‘Mumbai Street Kitchen’ specialises in vada paav, misal paav, sabudana vada, paani puri, kachori and bature, south Indian dishes in Mumbai style including dosas, idli-vada, sheera, upma, modern fast foods such as rolls, sandwiches and burgers.

‘Bombay Baadshah’ will serve fresh fruit juices, faloodas, fresh creams, shakes and mocktails.

‘Bhandary’s Punjabi Ghasitaram Bambaiwala’ is an exclusive sweets lounge featuring Punjabi and North Indian sweets, laddoos, pethas, halwas and dry fruit treats.

Vishal Bhandary and partner Ranjith Shetty were present during the press meet.

Street -Kichen

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