N.S. Hegde at Malpe High School Decennial Celebrations: attacks Corrupt in Society

6:20 PM, Sunday, January 22nd, 2012

Santhosh Hegde Udupi: Former Lokayukta, Nyayamurthi Santhosh Hegde for you, lashed out at corruption and greedy people who looted forest and national wealth in the name of mining and exports and spoke critically of the evils of a corrupt person on duty, declaring that corrupt people ceased to be human beings.

He made it clear that politicians were not the masters or kings, but only public servants, and that people were actually superior in a democracy, not the representative Parliament after elections.

Hegde(retired in August2011)was inaugurating the Decennial (10th year)celebrations of a High School(Flower of Paradise) in Malpe, the natural harbour town on Friday, January 20.

Syed Khaleel of the Celebration Committee released a Souvenir. Daya Rao, High School head master in Malpe Geetha(Prinicipal),Abdul Jalil(Malpe Education Society),and Jali Paul, School headmistress, were present to hear Justice Hegde, expatiating on Corruption as a social disease.

Udupi minister Dr. V.S. Acharya inaugurated a new High School premises earlier, in the presence of Syed Khaleel of Dubai, MLA Raghupathi Bhat, Syed Riaz(DC of Lokayukta), former minister Jayaprakash Hegde, Mogaveera leader Pramod Madhwaraj and other dignitaries on the occasion.

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