30 students from St. Joseph’s School hospitalized for food poison

5:51 PM, Thursday, February 9th, 2012

St Joseph School food poisonMangalore : Around 30 students of St. Joseph’s Higher Primary School in Kankanady were admitted at Fr. Muller Hospital due to food poison after consuming the lunch on Feb 9 Thursday.

The school served the food from the employed lady cook from Jeppu, who sends meals daily.

St Joseph School food poisonSr Lilly, vice president of Bethany Education Foundation Society said the food was brought school in two vessels each and the food from only one vessel was served to 110 students from class 4, 5 and 7th standard and the food from another vessel was spoilt.

Parents of the children who were gathered in front of the gate said that the school teachers as well as the authorities did not take the children to the hospital inspite of suffering from food poison. Later the flower vendors who saw the children vomiting took them and admitted to the hospital.

The students named Ashpak is suffering from severe pain in stomach, they said.

Out of the 110 students 30 of them fell ill and been hospitalized.


St. Joseph’s School food poison



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Over 12 students affected by food poisoning in mid day meals at a school 

Mangalore: Food poisoning incidents are on the increase, ever since mid-day meals started in schools, and marriage feasts become the order of the day in pandals.

On Thursday, Feb.9 over a dozen students of a private school St. Joseph’s, were hospitalised with food poisoning complaints, when they stared vomiting and spoke of nausea and stomach pain after consuming mid-day meals at the Kankandy school dining halls.

They were taken for treatment to a nearby private hospital. 4 student among them are in a critical condition, local source said. There was no proper supervision, it appears, when such food was under preparation for children.

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