Palakkad Division holds workshop on Railway Safety Week in city

3:46 PM, Friday, March 23rd, 2012

Railway-safetyMangalore: The Palakkad (palghat) Division of Southern Railways, Public safety cell held a workshop on Railway accidents and the public role in safety measures, on Thursday, March 21 in city.

It was stated at the meeting that the Palakkad division Cared for passenger safety most,  during southern India rail journeys, and was rendering all possible help to make the journey free of tragedies and memorable, said Piyush Agarwal who presided as manager of divisional railways here, at the inaugural ceremony.

He released a handbook on Railway accidents: Public role and responsibilities, to ensure Journey safety everytime.

The departmental Safety officer T.P. Abdul Khader spoke on positive thinking and attitudes in safety measures. Human errors could be minimised, by a positive healthy attitude in life, he said.

Senior medial officer Dr. N. Adikesavan spoke on Medical examination, process and effects while assistant safety Commissioner C. Ramadasand welt on current methods of safety Commissioner C. Ramadasan dwelt on current methods of safety to save lives in tragedies.

The Chennai division stands first and Palakkad  next, out of 6 divisions in Southern Railways in the conduct of competitions held as a part of annual Safety Week celebrations.

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