Peaceful elections for graduates, teachers constituencies in State

11:46 AM, Monday, June 11th, 2012

Peaceful  elections Bangalore :  Elections to the   Graduates and Teachers Constituencies in the Karnataka Legislative Council were held peacefully in all the six centres in the state on June 10, Sunday. The counting will be held on June 13. A total of 38 and 23 candidates were in the fray for the three seats each from the graduates and teachers constituencies respectively.

Peaceful  elections The election results, it is believed will reveal the  true support which the respective parties enjoy as the voters are the educated and enlightened sections of the society.

If South West Graduates Constituency registered a polling per centage of 50.39, the polling per centage in other constituencies is as follows – North East Graduates constituency (40.55),  Bangalore Graduates (35). South Teachers constituency (66.72). South West constituency (60.49) and South East Teachers constituency (83).

Peaceful  elections The elections will decide the fate of three sitting members from BJP -Ramachandra Gowda, a former minister, Capt Ganesh Karnik and DH Shankermurthi who is the Legislative Council Chairman.

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