Preparatory meeting to the national strike proposed on Sept, 9 convened today.

10:08 PM, Friday, August 13th, 2010
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Mangalore: A preparatory conference, a forerunner to the proposed national strike called on Sept, 9 next, was held in Town Hall at Mangalore today. Under the auspices of DK dt Workers Unions Joint Action Committee.

Combating essential materials daily price rise and demanding a universal PD system for daily needs, protecting the existing employment situation in areas of economic slowdown, strictly implementing labour laws in force, to remove the anti-social sections of unorganized labour social protection Act of 2008 and setting up a National Fund for Workers, removing all financial scarcities in the country by giving up the sale of share capitals of useful Public Sector Undertakings to rich persons, were regarded as the goals of present preparatory tasks on hand.

In the keynote address delivered by VJK Nair, he said the prices have gone sky-high due to the liberal polices pursued by the Centre and states, without protecting Labour classes first. Due to inflation, the wages have fallen in value. To arrest such price rise on commodities, the Unions are fighting. They do not damage the country, but only try to save the people. India is facing disintegration in the name of religious wars. People need food if they have to save this nation. All Trade Unions have to join hands to take the country forward and enforce social justice, was the call given by Com. VJK Nair.

Organizer B. Madhava, CITU Dt. Chief Balakrishna Shetty, Vishwanath Nair, Sadashiva, M.Rafi, Raghavendra, A.M.Madhava and Vasanth Achary sat on the dais during the preparatory call meeting at the Town Hall today.


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