Promotional Officer of District Industries Centre caught red handed by Lokayukta

8:03 PM, Tuesday, August 13th, 2013

jagdeesh kalladka arrestedMangalore : The Lokayukta arrested red handed the Promotional Officer of District Industries Centre at Yeyyadi while accepting a bribe of Rs 4000 from one Jagadish of Kalladka.

The officer who was trapped is Vaman Naik. It is learnt, he had placed forth a demand for a bribe of Rs 7000 from Jagadish to pass his application pertaining to sanction of subsidy and had later agreed for Rs 4000.

Jagadish had  then approached the Lokayukta with the recorded conversation and the officer was later arrested when he was accepting the bribe.jagdeesh kalladka arrested


jagdeesh kalladka arrested

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