Railway police seized unaccounted cash Rs 2 crore from Rajasthan man

11:56 AM, Friday, June 10th, 2022

Udupi : Railway police have seized unaccounted cash worth Rs 2 crore from a man who was travelling by a Mangaluru-Mumbai train without ticket.

The accused has been identified as Chen Singh alias Manohar Singh (22) of Rajasthan. The arrest was made after a railway officer informed the police of a suspicious looking passenger who had refused to show his ticket or bag.

The railway officials made him alight at Karwar station where he was handed over to the police. Initially the police levied a fine for ticketless travelling. During interrogation he admitted having cash and police found 100 small bundles of currency notes valued at Rs 2 crores.

He has reportedly revealed that he worked for one Bharath Bhai alias Pintu in Mumbai and that he was taking the cash to be handed over to a man named Raju in Mangaluru.

Further investigations are in progress.

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