RBI Pounces upon Finance dealing concern: 2000 firms suspended.

9:19 PM, Friday, September 3rd, 2010
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Mumbai : Several fiancé dealing institutions / banks in South India’s 4 large states in the  grip of dealers in violence / violent arms / terrorists / Mosists ? Muslims Jehadists / Naxalites and who else there is.
They have secured exemption (!) from the Foreign Exchange Act, only to invest money in murders and anti-national / anti social activities.
In this context, Reserve Bank of India which governs all financial deals in and out of India by whichever person or party does that, has now come down heavily upon the miscreants who use money for criminal offensive purposes. The Apex Bank of the country (RBI) has ordered to half all suspected finance companies / banks etc, activities in money deposits, transfers and receipts in all these financial bodies forthwith, until a rigorous investigation into their affairs is concluded. RBI direction is mandatory upon all these delinquent bodies.
Apart from Karnataka, there many states that finance Hawala (agency) and terrorist activities, which is the lifeline for these mosquitoes.
Over 2000 such enlisted companies have been ordered to suspend their monetary (economic) activities straightway, in the larger interests of our country. Most the suspected financial bodies deal in foreign exchange illegally, beyond the Act’s provisions. RBI is now on guard and examining the various banking activities of 2,000 odd parties suspecting them of going beyond their limits to raise profits annually, in the last 5 years (2005-10).
The offences control department has expressed doubts over the monetary receipts and disbursements of these listed (black?) companies. Even religious funds are not left out in their scope. Once the money (donations) is received in the name of pious activities, they are misused for Jihad and inciting of communal-hatred, instead of peace. Strangely, many private banks are behind this game.


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