Roy Castelino resigns from Chairman of Konkani Museum Foundation

7:40 PM, Friday, February 23rd, 2018

Roy CastelinoMangaluru : Roy Castelino resigns as the Chairman of Konkani Museum Foundation Eminent philanthropist and Konkani Activist Shri Roy Castelino on February 23, 2018, resigned from the post of the chairman of Konkani Museum Foundation sponsored by the Mandd Sobhann, premier Konkani institution of Coastal Karnataka.

In his resignation letter submitted to the President of Mandd Sobhann, Shri Louis Pinto he stated as following.
‘That I have been very active in the formation and progression of Mandd Sobhann since its inception is a known fact. All the present buildings housing the Mandd Sobhann sponsored Kalangann, and the Mandd Sobhann office are on the land belonging to me and my late esteemed Father. You are well aware of the fact that though I am not the member of Mandd Sobhann, I have been very enthusiastic in supporting the cause of Mandd Sobhann since its very beginning, financially or otherwise. We all expected and foresaw the continuous growth of Konkani language, literature and culture under the guiding spirit of Mandd Sobhann. In many occasions of challenges and compulsions we tried hard and succeeded to stand above personal differences and worked for the success of our objectives even at the cost of personal hardships and losses.

I am grateful to the organization for having selected me as the chairman of the Konkani Museum Foundation. I leading a team of well wishers tried and succeeded in getting a budgetary allocation of Rs 2.5 crores and further 2.5 crores were assured by the State government. We failed in actualizing the grants for the reasons well known to you and to the public. Certain unexpected developments of the recent times, well known to you and to the public unfortunately compel me to keep away, respectfully, from the activities of the Konkani Museum Foundation. And therefore with this present I submit my resignation for the post of Chairmanship of Konkani Museum Foundation. I request your kindself to accept the same.

This was not an easy decision to make, on my part. The past years of working with you have been very rewarding. observing how our organizational operations have expanded. I wish you and the organization all the best. Hope the Konkani Museum becomes a reality at its earliest.

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