Salute Group Captain (IAF) Sachin Tendulkar!

9:13 PM, Saturday, September 4th, 2010
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Mumbai: He could be the smallest in size in IAF but the great cricket hero, Sachin Tendulkar, has become an honorary Group Captain in Indian Air Force. He actually does not know how to pilot a Sukhoy, but was delighted to see a dream come true. There is a possibility that he may join IAF after taking retirement from cricket, around 40. He has condemned match-fixing game played by Pak cricketers including a captain and asked for heavy punishment for corruption in sports. The cap of GC fits Tendulkar and he looks better with a clean-shaven face.
Looking back, Sachin’s achievements are so many in cricket and other fields, one wonders how he takes them all so lightly as they come. He is a model to many modern young men wanting to achieve something in their own careers. He is the richest sportsmen in the world, with one or two exceptions at home or abroad..


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